About Us

Hey there! Are you interested in receiving free pucks in NHL 14? Let me tell you more about this!

About 2 years ago, I graduated from Stanford University and received my Bachelor of Computer Science. During my years there, I learned how to hack pretty much any database and system from low security to high security. I've been playing the NHL Series since NHL06 and HUT since it came out in 2010. I thought to myself, what if I can hack the EA Database and create a program that can give me as many EA Pucks as I want. That is exactly what I did! I started designing this program in August 2013 and I just finished in January 2014. Yes, I know your thinking that's a long time but that is how much time it takes to design such a complex system. I cannot give you any information about how to get to the system because if it gets leaked out, I can be fined! All I can tell you that I enter an PSN Account Email and Password and choose how many pucks I want to put on it. Anyways, I gave my account 10 million pucks because I thought that would be enough. I bought all the best players in the game including Crosby, Datsyuk, Ovechkin, and more!

Just recently, I came up with another idea. What if I could share the wealth and give other people pucks? That is the main reason why I created this website! I want everyone to have a good team, and I want to to help newcomers who don't know how to run the market and get a lot of pucks. I have seen websites that try and scam you and take your players. I promise you that this is not one of those websites and it is 100% legit. If I do, you can report me to EA and I will get fined.

If your still interested, click 'Get Pucks' on the Menu Bar above. Please notice that this only works for Playstation 3 because I have yet to hack EA on the Xbox 360.